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Indian Industries Association

Every student, regardless of economic circumstance deserves the opportunity for a world-class education. Education entrepreneurs meet these challenges by creating innovative, scalable, and high-quality solutions that enable students to be better prepared for success in college and the workplace. The Education Industry Association (EIA) is the point of connection for these entrepreneurs.


National Human Resource Network

The National HRD Network is an association of professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement in the country and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals in order to enable them to make an impactful contribution to enhancing competitiveness and creating value for society. Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. The network is managed by HR professionals in an honorary capacity, stemming from their interest in contributing to the HR profession.

Rohilkhand Management Association

Today amid all the transitions, there is one Indian body that’s helping the Indian managers to make the most of the new opportunities. One body that’s assimilating the changed global perspective and equipping the Indian managers for it. One body that’s ready for tomorrow is All India Management Association.

Central UP Chamber of Commerce

The Central Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization established to promote civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural progress of the Central community and to work for sound legislation and efficient administration of the community. 

The Central Chamber is basically a meeting place for all established businesses in the Central area to lobby the government for better, more or specific business legislation.  Therefore, by joining, businessmen can fight larger causes that affect them financially as a group, rather than one-on-one.

Additionally, the Central Chamber is like a Visitor Center where newcomers to our area will have access to your business quickly and easily.  As long as you have a flyer, map or brochure,  your Chamber of Commerce in Central will essentially "sell" your business to anyone who walks in the door, just by virtue of having your information available.  Plus, if your business has a website, we will link to your services in our website.